Seting Up Your Store

Building a new store with i3? Excellent. You’ve chosen the most customizable platform for your online business. Here’s the development timeline and introductory tips for you.

The First Things To Customize

Upon commencement, our Business Support team will send you a proposal deck. After going through it, you will need to decide on your theme, consisting of homepage design, menus, site structure, and payment options. Once done, our design team will start designing the first revision and development team will also begin configuring the settings.

Goal: Selecting a theme. Designing and developing an entire structure. Configuring settings and payments.

Set Up Products And Pages

During this phase, based on product lists and images provided by you, our administrative team will set up your inventory listing and also structure your online catalogue.

Goal: Creating inventory listing. Set up catalogue.

Conduct Acceptance Testing

During this phase, the first revision of the store and backend has been completed. It will be presented to you for acceptance testing, upon which you will be able to request for changes you want made.

Goal: Testing of store and backend features.

usability testing

Technical Training & Handover

During this phase, our technical trainers will arrange a digital training session. You are encouraged to include all personnel in your business that will be using the software.

Goal: Training and handing over.

Making Your First Sale

During this phase, our third party vendor will step in to provide guidance in making your first sale. They will advise you on digital marketing strategies to enhance and increase exposure of your store.

Goal: Creating a digital marketing strategy.


Measure & Track Performance

Once you have considerable traffic, you will be able to measure and track performance of your store. You will be able to track the performance of each product, identify the click-through and conversion rate, and the shortcomings of your store.

Goal: Identifying the room for improvement.

Maintenance, Security, And Privacy

Leave the hassles of ensuring software are up-to-date and free of malicious activities to us. We will be monitoring your store 24/7/365 to ensure it has uninterrupted and smooth operations to mitigate any risk of revenue loss.

Goal: Monitoring and keeping software up-to-date.